Tan Thanh Trading Co., Ltd., has been gradually familiar. It is familiar as I hear this name every day through advertisements on television. It is familiar as the product list of Tan Thanh appears on the immense green rice fields that I come across. And it is familiar as the farmers around is entirely aware of “Tan Thanh”.
I wonder myself what makes this company have great and deeply influence on such farmers. Whether it is the quality of the product or because of something else? With such a great deal of anxiety and thoughts, I decide to find my own answers.
For once, I accidentally caught a conversation between an agricultural engineer of the company with the farmer near my house. At first I just mistook that this was a conversation of an uncle and his nephew about the grain. This engineer instructed graciously, slowly, meticulously for the farmer listening very intently and enthusiastically. By very rustic and intimate name “Tan Thanh engineer buddy”, I felt that all barriers between the engineer and farmer seemingly disappeared. I was really impressed by the image of engineers to roll up their sleeves and puddle to count each branch of puddle rice, consider individual lesions on the fields.

Entering deeply to understand the company, I have been surprised from development objectives of the Company. From the early days of establishment, the word of Heart has been shown very clearly in the business philosophy (Success Comes From Serving With a Sincere Heart). Without stopping at words; Tan Thanh has researched and released the set of biological products. With these products, farmers will no longer worry about potential risks when facing daily with chemical pesticides. Along with the biological product is the whole process since breed treatment to harvesting. With the “Biological Strength “ process, farmers can save cost of fertilizers and pesticides, increase average yield from 900 kg to 1 ton on 1 hectare … Towards long-term development, rice produced from biological processes can achieve high quality, satisfying the demanding standards when exporting and can compete with the quality of rice products from other countries. Overall this is a new beginning for the “white pearl” of Vietnam in the future

In recent years, I have seen long lines of trucks traveling on roads throughout the Western roads to collect every bottle of pesticide in each spring. By asking the farmers near the house I learn that this is the program “Collecting bottles in exchange for Tet gifts” of Tan Thanh Company. Witnessing each sack of bottles collected and the farmer’s smile when receiving Tet gifts make me feel warmer than ever. Since the program, consciousness of people in the environmental sanitation has been enhanced substantially. Although these are initial steps of the program, I firmly believe one day it will make a huge impact in the community.

To incubate the future, Tan Thanh Company also sponsors annual scholarships to students with outstanding achievements in their studies at Can Tho University and An Giang University. For some schools having deteriorated physical facilities, Tan Thanh Company also has certain support to rebuild. Similar to rice, scholarships, financial assistance will be the motivation for them to learn and they will be the pearl of the country’s wealth someday.

In addition, millions of notebooks have been delivered to schools throughout the Mekong Delta in recent 5 years. Such notebooks have been delivered from difficult children to those with outstanding academic performance of many schools from kindergarten to high school.

Already many times, I have caught Tan Thanh financing and co-operating with social TV programs. They have coordinated with the program “Overcoming challenges” to visit each district, commune and seek families in difficult circumstances. They have helped and shared difficulties in life through the game bring joy to everyone.

Tan Thanh has also initiated and organized “Tan Thanh relay poor households”. Almost all provinces in the western region have had their footprints such as: CanTho, Kien Giang, Hau Giang, An Giang, Dong Thap, Vinh Long … • Moreover, they have been funding to build houses for families who are especially difficult. “One piece of food while hungry equals a big box of food while full “, the sharing and help have brought great happiness to the miserable people.

Many difficult lives have been supported and helped by Tan Thanh.

Tan Thanh has also contributed to help remove footbridges and build concrete bridge in some western provinces. Each bridge built is a new development for the people of river. Besides, Tan Thanh has accompanied people in every big occasion to send warm love.

Giving gifts at Mid-Autumn festival to children in difficult circumstances


 Love Tet program (performing arts & sending gifts to victims of Agent Orange, the poor in many local places)


Aforementioned things are what I have witnessed. Although they may be a small part in large parts done by Tan Thanh, they are sufficient for me to find my own answer and such answer has taught me a lot of lessons. From childhood I was taught that “Warm heart then intelligent mind. In business, Heart must be seen as one of the first platform, and Tan Thanh has done something that many businesses have not done, and found itself a particular direction. Although the direction is challenging and tough, Tan Thanh has been associated with the word “Heart” for western farmers.
P/ s: Thoughts of a probationary member on the first days entering & learning Tan Thanh
Can Tho, June 16 2015