On June 13th, in a very hot sun in the afternoon, Tan Thanh’s representatives visited Dong Tho Hamlet, Thanh Tri Commune, Tan Hiep District, Kien Giang Province.
From Canal 7, when we asked people about Mrs. Huyen whose husband got cancer disease, they all know them as well as their painful life.
It broke our hearts when stopping at Mrs. Huyen’s house- a small and old boat house.

It’s more touching us was the happiness on Mrs. Huyen’s family’s faces when we visited them. Mrs. Huyen ran to her neighbors’ families to inform them our visit; she looked like a child got some candies from an adult. Seeing that scene, we all had a very special feeling that could not express into words.

Not only Mrs. Huyen’s family has been poor for over 10 years, but also she and her husband got many diseases. Her hair was falling, her memory was bad – these syndromes appeared as the sign of cancer or mental illness.

Life reached most tearful when her husband got an illness. Mr.Vinh got a malignant tumor in his intestine for years. He was once under an operation but two of them must fled away from the hospital when they could not afford the operation. Mr. Vinh is now suffering the illness in pains.

Though they didn’t have enough necessaries, they still supported 2 small children were Quang, aged 4, and Linh, 2.

His disease was getting worse, working ability was down, Mrs. Huyen got more burdens, she did any jobs to earn living for the family.

Mrs. Huyen’s family was one of cases that really needs cares and helps of people. She shares: “Now, I just hope that someone gives us some money to send my husband to the hospital for treatment, I can’t stand seeing him hurt from it. My two children are so cute that many people want to take an adoption but I don’t agree, I want to be with them until my death. How happy we are to receive your company’s gifts today”.

 The life had lots of problems; and every single family had the one, Tan Thanh company was happy to make some contributions to those cases. Moreover, We, Tan Thanh hope that there are more social charities ready to help and bring better lives to the poor.

Can Tho, June 14, 2015.