To help farmers throughout the Mekong Delta provinces ( Mekong ) increasing access to and use of biological products than protecting the health of themselves and their communities , reduce environmental pollution in farming agriculture

Winter- spring 2013-2014 Tan Thanh Trading company Limited in conjunction with scientists : Prof. Dr. Nguyen Protection , Dr. Tran Van Hai – Can Tho University , PhD. Ho Van Chien – Director of Plant Protection Center South and Dr. Mai Thanh Phung – National Agricultural Extension Centre Southern Region , Provincial Plant Protection Department , Plant Protection District station agents and chain organization program workshops , technical advice combined sales of biological products and gifts stock draw with attractive prizes : Wave 110S , LCD TVs, electric thermos , electric cooker ,

Chain sales seminar program taking place from 15/9 to 12/15/2013 across the Mekong Delta provinces with the participation of over 25,000 farmers, scientists, dealers, artists from List Ho Chi Minh city and all company personnel gave women the biology of drugs used for over 25,000 ha.

Each program consists of four main parts: Sales, cultural, and scientific exchanges the lucky draw. The focus of the program is part of interacting with scientists and technology transfer in order for the ladies.

Interaction with scientists



Part exchange revolves around the issue :

Handling the same : to remove floaters , suspended particles , fungal disease , seed treatment to activate the stem and roots thrive . Benefits of root growth : fast traction , take effective nutrition , photosynthesis and metabolism strong . Products Plastimula 1SL specialized seed processing company Xincheng recommended handling grain at the crack incubation medium tannins at this point because Plastimula 1SL will impact on small parts of the particle . Plastimula will be involved in the cell division helps small part cotyledons and roots thrive . In case if handled Plastimula 1SL rooting out long term or wheat germ too , when transported to the fields sowing broken stem or root fracture or break even 2 then this does not happen ? According to the biological characteristics of the rice plant roots in the form of cluster roots a little broken roots should not be affected , but wheat germ is very difficult to break .

– Outstanding characteristics of Plastimula 1SL is “3 down, 3 to increase, 1 no” in that 3 down: Reduce the amount of fertilizer 20% – Reduce seeding – Reduce the beam; 3 increase: Increase germination rate – Increased resistance to yellow dwarf disease – increased resistance to unfavorable conditions of the environment (drought, cold, rainy, salt, alum, …); 1 no: Not hazardous by biologically active substances derived from nature.

20% off 1SL Plastimula fertilizer Nitrogen – Phosphate – Potassium , Plastimula spray will help the roots develop , should absorb nutrients better . Plastimula 1SL Spray 03 stages: seed + processing stages tillering stage Plastimula 1SL spray 15-20 days after sowing + booting stage spray 35-40 days after sowing . For the rice absorb fertilizer and reduce the amount of fertilizer to spray before spreading Plastimula 1SL 3-5 days to develop roots absorb fertilizer ready .

– Phase rice began flowering stage of rice plants are susceptible to disease , so prevention is better than cure , Tan Thanh Company may use Chubeca 1.8SL solution ” Immunization disease ” . Chubeca 1.8SL spray for rice , by triggering mechanisms resistance , impact as a preventive vaccine , 36 hours after injection Chubeca 1.8SL rice will produce two enzymes catalase and peroxidase , two enzymes affect her established lesions fungal and bacterial attack , in time to prevent the spread of germs and the effect lasts up to 14 days after injection .

– Phase flowering to ripening rice, the rice here is phase transport nutrients from the leaves to the grain, this stage should not spreading but to help increase energy transport rate of leaf starch in grain finish promote the formation of starch in rice maximum due to the increase in reserves and maintains the index in three leaf chlorophyll capabilities, product Lacasoto “granulating Energy” will contribute to increased productivity rice.

– Application process “Strength Biology” Xincheng company recommends farmers will save 3 million / ha:

Just reduced by 20-30 % ( by reducing losses as sowing , good tillering , shoot effectively )
                                                                                                   = 0.5 million / ha
  NPK 20% = 1.2 million / ha
  Achin medicines reduce ash eruption 02 = 1 million
  Reduce distribution costs and to stimulate rice = 0.4 million .
– In addition, biological products used to protect health and help protect the environment more green life more beautiful .
– During the meeting representatives of local departments informed and advised calendar 2013-2014 winter-spring crop sowing , sowing seed to farmers focusing avoid the situation occurring sporadic pest , especially to the same set middle to dodging hoppers .
The workshop program sales took place in the province :
In Soc Trang Program held at the Chau Thanh , Tran , My Tu … with the participation of 1,500 farmers .
In Can Tho : Program performances in the Vinh Thanh , Co Do , Thot , Thoi Lai , … with the participation of about 3,500 attendees of farmers .
In Lieu : The program takes in Phuoc Long district , Hong Dan , … with the participation of about 500 farmers .
In Dong Thap : Program held at the Thap Muoi district , Tam Nong , Hong Ngu , Tan Hong , Lai Vung , Lap Vo , … with the participation of about 3,500 attendees of farmers .

In Hau Giang : Program held at the Long My District , HCMC. The Bar , The Mercury , Chau Thanh A , Phung Hiep … with the participation of about 3,000 attendees of farmers .

In Vinh Long : Program performances in the Tra district , Tam Binh , … with the participation of about 1,000 attendees of farmers .
In An Giang : Program performances in the Tri Ton district , Thoai Son , Tan Phu , Chau Phu , Chau Doc … attended by attended by about 6,000 farmers .

In Kien Giang : The program held at the Tan Hiep district , Giong Rieng , Chau Thanh , Hon Dat , … with the participation of the participation of about 4,500 farmers .

In Long An : Program held at the Tan Thanh district , Vinh Hung , Moc Hoa , … with the participation of about 1,500 attendees of farmers .

Quý bà con nông dân theo dõi chương trình trong buổi hội thảo

Giao lưu văn nghệ với nghệ sĩ

Như một làn gió mới về các vùng nông thôn, chuỗi sự kiện “Sức mạnh sinh học” mang đến cho bà con một sự khởi đầu hứng khởi với tiến bộ khoa học kỹ thuật, văn nghệ, vui chơi và cả những phần quà may mắn.
Hy vọng chương trình sẽ trang bị và cổ vũ tốt cho bà con sẵn sàng một vụ mùa thắng lợi Đông Xuân 2013-2014.