Tan Thanh news

“Collect empty bottle – Get Tet gift” program was coming to an end in parts of Mekong Delta from Jan. 18th to Jan. 23th.

3. Program in Long An – Feb. 2nd 2016 (24 Lunar New Year)

1. Program in Kien Giang – Jan. 31st, 2016 (22nd of Lunar New Year)

Tan Thanh was so proud in building the farmers’ good attitudes of keeping clean environment with the “Collect empty bottle-Get Tet gift” program in the past five years. Tan Thanh was the pioneer in plant protection chemical industry in Vietnam working strongly and sustainably for the environment.

After a year operation, “Buy Tan Thanh’s Original Products, Receive Luxurious Gifts” program was gradually familiar with farmers. As previous plans, on Sep. 29th, 2015 Tan Thanh company celebrated “The 1st year Millionaire Spinning Prize Wheel” to look for lucky winners of 500 Led Samsung 32 inch TVs.